Married to Navy
Counseling Services

Married to Navy
Counseling Services

It’s your journey. You can redefine it anytime!

Married to Navy Counseling Services serves children and adults. We include a high level of education and training combined with compassion and non-biased perspectives. All of this comes together to help clients ascertain tools and perspectives to go about life confidently.

Our mission is to promote improved mental health and wellness through education, prevention and intervention. We embark on a journey with our clients, to ensure each step of the journey is dedicated solely to redefining a future that leads to wellness and recovery. 

“What a beautiful thing it is, to be able to stand tall and say, “I fell apart, and I survived”


Children and Adolescents



Military Personnel and Veterans




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What Are The Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety?

What Are The Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions. Due to the physical symptoms, it can be difficult for individuals to function and complete daily work or personal tasks. Have you ever heard someone say, “that makes me anxious” or “I feel anxious right now?”...

The Road To Recovery: Guest Blog

The Road To Recovery: Guest Blog

By Poetess Bethany Camille James I want to open up by saying a quick statement: Mental health has lead to a greater understanding of my health and helped me work towards a place of rational clarity. Clarity is understanding one needs help. Reaching for help may lead...


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