One of the most important aspects of our work at Married To Navy Counseling Services is a constant education. Mental health research is regularly emerging, and it’s extremely important to us to stay on top of our game. Since we focus a lot on trauma-related conditions, regular trauma training is needed.

The brand new trauma training Dr. Trenye Black has completed was “Containing a traumatized nervous system in short-term therapy”. During the training, the following topics were covered: The impact of traumatic experiences on the nervous system; Types of vagus nerve stimulation; Polyvagal theory.

We aspire to learn more and to grow to be able to provide the best quality services for our clients. You can read more about the conditions we treat here.

Married to Navy Counseling Services’ focus is on military lifestyle issues and marginalized adolescents. Our mission is to promote better mental health and wellness through education, prevention, and intervention for military members. We also work with marginalized adolescents and their families. We embark on a journey with our clients, to ensure each step of the journey is dedicated solely to redefining a future that leads to wellness and recovery.

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