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Thank you for considering to write for Married To Navy Counseling Services.


Below you will find the requirements for guest posting:


  • A guest blogger agreement must be signed before publishing your post on our site. The agreement will be sent to your email, once a topic has been chosen. 
  • Follow my page and social media sites (If you are considering to write for MTNCS, I would assume that you are interested in our topics)
  • Write a blog post of at least 800 words 
  • MTNCS is focused on mental health and lifestyle to include: military, wellness, and personal development. Wellness and personal development are broad topics.  For example, a topic on routines or decluttering can go under several categories.  You choose the topic. You and I will work together to see if the topic is a good fit for MTNCS.
  • Your blog should be original (which means this is the first time the blog will go live on the web).
  • I will provide you a link to the blog, therefore you can share it on social media.  In addition, periodically review MTNCS comment sections and engage in conversations (for at least the first week of the blog going live).
  • Once I have your post, I reserve the right to make edits/revisions.  I will not alter your content.
  • At this time, guest posts are unpaid.

Guest Blogger Request Form

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