We COme to You!

Married to Navy Counseling Services have worked in community mental health for several years.  During that time, I provided wraparound services that included intensive weekly in-home therapy services to the families, including case management, tutoring, and mentoring.

We provide home-based or in-home services within a 30-mile radius from our primary office.  We come to your place of residence and provide treatment there rather than online services.  In-home services can be beneficial to cases where you feel as though you need intensive services and immediate guidance. This service allows the therapist to observe direct interactions between family members in their natural events. Therefore, it can help establish a therapeutic quickly.

I prefer to use home-based services as a means to get to know your family dynamic.  If given permission, I will look inside rooms, review schedules, and routines to understand the home environment. Also, in-home services can help teach skills used at home, such as parenting, family issues, and follow up psychiatric care.  In-home service is a personalized service.  

**We also offer online in-home services where the sessions can be planned around dinner time, morning routines or night routines.  Online in-home service is the same concept as in-home services.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Office Hours

Wednesday 4pm-8pm

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Saturday and additional evening hours are by request only