For many individuals holiday season is tough, but for others it is indeed bright and jolly. And this is what this little post is about.

Some of us experience post-holiday blues. Now, it may be not only because we enjoyed end of November and December so much, but also because we were so very busy and overwhelmed that suddenly not having all those responsibilities feels empty. What is next?

Of course, stores already force Valentine’s Day and even Easter on us, but what if we are not ready to move on just yet? What can we do to make this transition smoother while lack of sun and warmth only makes it worse?


1. Embrace the transitional period


Transitions may be difficult but they exist and their role is to prepare us for something new. If your mind is not ready to fully say goodbye to Christmas and holiday spirit, it’s OK to prolong that festive feeling by watching Christmas movies and drinking hot coco throughout January. Yes, you will eventually have to let it go and embrace the change, but changing slowly can be helpful.



2. Focus on your goals


I don’t know if you chose to set any goals for the New Year, but if you did, now is the time to focus on them! Now is the time to create new habits and put systems in place that will set you up for success! If you are not feeling motivated, don’t wait for motivation to come, just start somewhere, you will eventually crave that feeling of accomplishment that shows up when you did something that you didn’t necessarily want to do.



3. Declutter your space


Get a plant? I know that many of us love to clean and declutter after holidays. It helps us create that fresh start for ourselves and turn the page. If you have not tried it yet, do it. If your space is empty without your Christmas tree, buy a new plant or rearrange your furniture. Do whatever you need to do to create that illusion of a clean slate.



4. Reconnect with your loves ones


Perhaps your family/friends live far away and you just saw them during holidays. During January you may miss those days a little more. That is when it could be a good idea to call them, facetime, or even start planning your next visit. It may feel lonely to come back home to your regular routine, so sharing that feeling with your loved ones can be helpful.


5. Try therapy or go back to therapy


This one is especially important if you don’t have anyone to reach out to or you don’t want to worry them. This season of life can bring on a surface new emotions that you didn’t expect coming. Sharing them with your therapist may bring you relief and can help making the transition much smoother.

No matter how you are feeling right now, your feelings and emotions are valid and recognizing them is healing. Ask yourself what you need at this time, what are you missing, what would you like to do/have to make you feel at least a bit better? Listen to your inner voice, it never lies…

~ Tren

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