Practicing Positivity During Winter Blues

Dr. McElwaine wrote an article titled “It’s OK to Not Be OK During the Holidays.”  Noted in the article, positivity can be affected by winter blues.  The article was shared to reassure the audience that a lot of people suffer from depression, anxiety, and holiday blues during the holidays, but also to note the fact the pandemic has caused an epic increase in winter blues. December and Christmas/ New Years are just around the corner. A way to practice positivity is to think of activities to lessen the stress. According to Fredrickson and Courtney Ackerman, MSc., many positive emotions can be categorized as human flourishing. If we think of positive emotions, they are more profound than just what we receive; they are virtues we feel.

Fredrickson has outlined ten of the most commonly experienced positive emotions (Henley, 2009):

1) Joy

2) Gratitude

3) Serenity

4) Interest

5) Hope

6) Pride

7) Amusement

8) Inspiration

9) Awe

10) Love

There are many areas of positive emotions that we can take into account. There is Optimism, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Confidence, Enjoyment, and Fun. When we think of these positive emotions, we should think of ways to find them during this season.

Ask yourself the following 10 questions:

1. Am I fulfilled with myself and the things I have?

2. Do I have a positive outlook about my activities for this Holiday Season?

3. Are there things holding me hostage, and do I need to let things go?

4. What am I grateful for?

5. What things do I have this holiday money can’t buy.

6. Can I say, “I believe good things are going to happen for me in 2021?”

7. What are a few things I enjoy about the holidays?

8. What pastimes and traditions do I expect to enjoy?

9. What can I do to make sure my loved ones enjoy their time with me?

10. After considering what you have read in this blog what call to action can you implement today to improve your mood and outlook?

Pandemic and the Holidays

This year for sure is historic! A global pandemic struck, which caused all to feel a sense of uncertainty about life, cure, jobs, safety, etc. Having a positive outlook is vital. Holidays are when more people will gather to continue their normal tradition, in a not-so-normal time. Enjoy your holidays but keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

We would love to know, please share what your plans are this upcoming holiday season.

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