If you follow me on social media or read my blog, you already know I am a big advocate for self-care. It is essential for many reasons, but most importantly, it protects our mental and physical health. Without self-care, we get stressed and often fall ill. The absence or lack of self-care can be a reason for some mental health conditions. I have already shared my morning and night routines with you all, but in today’s post, I would like to share my favorite self-care products that help me create my daily rituals. Now, you don’t need all these things to take care of yourself. But I think, if you can afford some of the things that genuinely make you feel good, then by all means, go ahead and purchase what you need.

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Face maskAll About Eyes

I absolutely love hydra-gel eye patches. They help me feel more awake in the morning and relax me at night. Magic! I prefer to use them when I have slow mornings but they can also be used when you are in a rush. They are very easy to use and provide an instant effect.

There is a ton of eye patches on the market but I love these by Peter Thomas Roth. The brand has a nice variety as well for whatever need I have at the moment.







MasksFace Mask

A nice face mask goes a long way! Obviously, this ritual is not for every day as it is more time-consuming, but I try to apply a face mask a few times a week. It is very relaxing. Brushes are not a must but they make the experience more enjoyable and less messy. They are also very inexpensive on Amazon.

As you can see, I love variety and I also love to treat myself from time to time. These masks are from Peter Thomas Roth as well.







Face steamerAt-Home Facial

When I am feeling extra fancy, I do the whole thing with a steamer and my Microcrystalline Blackhead Remover.

At-home facial is one of my favorite weekend self-care rituals. It helps me feel renewed and saves me money on a real facial. Nothing wrong with getting one from time to time, but it can get pricey if done consistently. I am not a pro, but I get the job done!







Bath steamersShower time elevated

If you want to elevate your shower experience, these steamers from Bath&Body Works are the way to go! They smell amazing and make a simple shower feel special. For me, that is the key to happiness and peace – finding joy in simple things. I love the variety here as well. I choose scents based on my mood.

So, there you have it, my little self-care helpers. Let me know what are your favorite self-care products, and share your recommendations below.

Remember, your self-care routine should serve you. Do whatever floats your boat!

~ Tren


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