By Poetess Bethany Camille James

I want to open up by saying a quick statement:

Mental health has lead to a greater understanding of my health and helped me work towards a place of rational clarity.

Clarity is understanding one needs help.

Reaching for help may lead to distinctive steps.

Rationalization and a strong spiritual background.



By Poetess Bethany Camille James

I would say my symptoms were impacted by a diagnosis that started off something I struggled with. I prayed about this for many years. I now know I deal with paranoid symptoms and anxiety. The symptoms have made a lot of my goals take more time to achieve. However, I feel therapy and medicine management have “consistently helped me work towards a better me.”

It was made clear I should pray for my healing, and others have made it seem like taking daily medications and hospitalizations were a part of a divine plan. I have dealt with feelings of inferiority and emotional lack of self- esteem. I started in 2014 at a very low point in my life. It leads to me feeling in a place of needing counseling and a strong secure system. Things started rocky in my personal life, but God helped me embrace the process and I see slowly I’m getting to a place of healing and restoration.

The road to recovery looks like taking “one stressor at a time.” That is why I choose to share my testimony. It is rooted in healthier choices and “talking about it.” A good example is using poetry and art therapy techniques to focus on recovery.

A therapist once suggested I create a physical vision boardof my short and long-term goals. Another therapist was an art therapist who helped me make a short-term and long-term poetry journal. Arts and crafts used my writing/poetry passion. I started vision boarding as I got social media opportunities. I began in Facebook groups to find community and similar interests during this process. I played games such as, ”Yes To The Dress,” and several other techniques (modeling and meditation).

Overall, I slowly used social media in positive ways to express myself and find ways to not be alone during my road to recovery. I took a conceptual view of my vision boarding and niche marketing to create @writethevisionboards(hyperlink this). Another example of my road to recovery is my poetic encouragement ministry. My writing and poetry started years before I was symptomatic. And I find that the outlet of writing and poetry early on has allowed me to take control of my life, even when I felt as though things were out of control. Was it easy? Of course not, but I worked through my challenges by utilizing resources and skills that are in my control.

Words of encouragement are deeply tied to my recovery. I find that being willing to be “pliable and work on mental clarity has impacted me in every area of my life.” For example, during this journey, I formed a business called My Master’s Ministry Official that uses poetry and digital content to encourage others. To use my story to help others is how I can reach and teach. I have been out of therapy for a few years, but I still actively stay current with my medication management appointments. I have worked on myself during this process and hope to get to a place that I can do more with my goals. I am happy that God can allow us to seek help, and perfection is not his requirement. It is ok to ask for help and work towards a place of being better.


Learn more about how poetry helped me cope:



Author Bio:

I am a Poetess, Blogger, and I run an Encouraging Writing and Poetry Ministry virtually called My Master’s Ministry. I am an emerging, first-time, Indie author. I am also currently running an Etsy shop called 3Ms Official Merch to raise money donations for my Writing Endeavors (My Master’s Ministry Official). Finally, I have a biblical writing community (Biblical Spoken Word) Facebook group that is humble and powerful.

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