It has been talked about a lot lately that finding our passion aka ourselves is crucial for our well-being. In fact, the way our relationships are, how we set boundaries, and how we present ourselves to the world in general, truly depend on what we want in life and who we are as individuals.

But where do we start in this process of self-exploration?

One of the main questions to ask yourself would be: What are my core values? It’s OK, if you won’t know the answer right away. For some individuals it takes longer than others. If you are not passionate about self-discovery, it might never happen, or it may happen naturally over time.

It’s important to understand that finding yourself is a life-long journey. The goal is to not find yourself and settle but to keep transforming and evolving while rediscovering and reassessing our values again and again.

What can help with this process:

Journaling. When we journal about what we experience, what we think and how we feel about that, we allow ourselves to not only better process our emotions but to also get to know ourselves a little bit more.

Therapy. Of course, I am bias, but I think self-discovery is much harder without a good therapist. You will steer the wheel, but your therapist can guide you through the process.

Spending time alone. When we are constantly surrounded by other individuals, the external noise doesn’t let us focus on what it is that we truly need and want. Solitude can help. It’s important to remember that solitude is not loneliness, it doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable. The more you practice, the better you will become at spending time with yourself and listening to your inner voice.

Exploring by trying new things. This one can be challenging as not everyone loves to challenge themselves by getting outside their comfort zone. But if you never try anything new, you will rob yourself of the opportunity to find out what you like. Growth doesn’t happen in a comfort zone.

Wherever you are in life, it’s OK to not know what your values and passions are now as it does take time. Not everyone knows exactly what they want but it’s worth exploring.

Allow yourself enjoy the process of self-discovery and exploration and you will see that soon enough it will start bringing results.

~ Tren

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