Right before I had become a therapist I thought that if only I knew more about coping strategies and how human mind works, I would have found healing faster. However, even though my newly received knowledge was definitely helpful, it wasn’t everything I needed.

What is usually needed for healing is consistency. How we implement our strategies on a regular basis, how we show up every day, as well as how we face our own insecurities and fears and how we learn to listen to our inner voice.

That is why setting yourself up for success is so important.

When we think about becoming and staying consistent, the word habit comes to mind. To establish new habits, we can:

Plan ahead and make time for what is important for healing

When we don’t plan, we might never get anything done. We fail, when there is no direction, even if it’s something we really want.

Make it easy for ourselves to show up for what is important for healing

Prepare your gym clothes the night before, meal-plan, create a budget. Always be ready!

Be clear with ourselves about what we want and how we are going to accomplish that

When we talk about relationships, we always bring up open communication and clear boundaries. The same applies to our relationship with ourselves. If we don’t set clear/specific goals and don’t know what is needed to achieve them, we are essentially going nowhere.

Make a priority list and keep it simple

Habit stacking is great, but overwhelming yourself is not. We want to start small, implementing small changes in our lives, that can bring us a little closer to achieving our goals. That big push will be eventually needed, but big changes are possible through small ones. It can be drinking 8 glasses of water a day (remember to be clear/specific), walking 8,000 steps a day, not checking social media right before bed, etc.

Establish boundaries with our family and friends so they don’t hinder our progress

A lot of times we want to make a change but people around us question our abilities or do things that prevent us from achieving our goals. It takes courage and dedication to stick to your plans, and it may require being firm about your boundaries. Learning to prioritize yourself and set boundaries is a part of almost every healing journey.

I am a human, and despite becoming a therapist, I still had to choose to show up for myself every day in order to start healing. It is a unique journey for everyone, healing requires hard work. But we can help ourselves by keeping promises given to ourselves and by being there for ourselves. If your trauma is related to someone who let you down in life, it is especially important to remind yourself that you are there for YOU and you will never let yourself down.

~ Tren

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