I am not a fan of the term That Girl because more often than not it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on women, young girls in particular. When individuals share anything “That Girl” related on social media, nobody really talks about the importance of her boundaries, relationships, and rest. Everything we see is pretty much waking up at 5 am, exercising, doing morning skincare, and having an incredibly healthy (often staged) breakfast. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming and create a feeling of being “not good enough” if you are not able to do it all.

So, I have decided to create my own definition of “That Girl” with a focus on mental health and relationships that is different from the mainstream one. Check this one out. 

“That Girl” has strong boundaries

It seems that everyone on social media is talking about boundaries these days but not everyone knows how to set them or stick to them. “That Girl” has strong boundaries in place and doesn’t apologize for them. She holds people accountable for violating her boundaries and respects other individuals’ limits.

“That Girl” sets goals and achieves them at her own pace

Productivity is maybe important, but I think that individual differences should be taken into consideration when it comes down to achieving goals and success. “That Girl” knows her strengths and her limitations. She is confident in herself and doesn’t have a need to prove anything to anyone. Trusting the process is important for her, and she doesn’t try to speed it up by exhausting herself.

She focuses on self-improvement and growth, understanding that achievements will come when it’s time.

“That Girl” slows down and rests when she needs to

As I always say, self-care is a must in our fast-paced life. Rest is extremely important for our mental and physical health. When we are well-rested, we are able to be more productive and overall happier. “That Girl” knows that! In fact, she doesn’t always care about hustle and bustle and takes breaks when she needs to.

I think it contradicts the popular belief that you should work without rest in order to succeed. My girl picks up her battles and knows exactly when to slow down.

She doesn’t waste time and energy on people who are not healthy for her

I believe that nobody should stay in a toxic relationship and walk away if/when it’s possible. The thing about “That Girl” is that she knows her worth and doesn’t try to people please. She knows what she wants and needs in life, hence she surrounds herself with individuals who enrich her life and support her goals. There’s no room for toxicity, envy, drama, and gossip!

She doesn’t stress about being imperfect

Last but not least, “That Girl” doesn’t strive to be perfect. I know the image that is presented on social media is quite the opposite, but someone who is confident and comfortable in her own skin is the ultimate “That Girl” for me.

With everything being said, do you feel like you are “That Girl”, or there are still aspects of your life that need improvement? Remember, that you don’t need to try every wellness tip out there to be healthy and happy. Let me know in the comments if I can help you redefine your journey.

~ Tren

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