Our brain loves structure. Predictability, a sense of security, and consistency are extremely important for us to feel more relaxed and sleep well. It doesn’t mean we should be rigid with our routines and never step outside our comfort zone. But on most days I highly recommend sticking to your favorite rituals that put your mind and body at ease. And that’s what I usually do. Last time I shared with you my morning routine for productivity and success. Now it’s time for my evening routine for relaxation and sleep.

Lighting The Candle 

First thing after work I light the candle. It helps to signal my brain that it is time to unwind. Currently, my favorite candle is the one from Ao Fragrances, a scent “Black Sea”. I like to make sure that by the time I have my SPA time, my bathroom and bedroom are filled with a relaxing aroma.

Pro tip: your nighttime routine doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s the little details that make a difference.

Taking Time To Unwind

Taking time to actually disconnect and relax is crucial for my well-being. I like to sit on the patio, listen to music, read or talk with my family. Being present is especially important.

Pro tip: take a few deep breaths to let your mind know that the workday is over, and you are resting now.

If you want to talk to someone but live alone, call a friend or journal. Journaling has been proven to be helpful for anxiety, emotional regulation, and awareness.

SPA Time

My daughters jokingly say that my nighttime routine is like a SPA. I don’t disagree. It’s 100% “me time”, that I absolutely love and almost never skip. My favorite body scrub is Sugar scrub with chamomile from B.Serene. As a moisturizer, I use Chamomile body butter or/and Lavender + Labdanum Body Oil. To me, it’s all about aromatherapy.

Pro tip: incorporate calming scents like chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang, patchouli, or lemon balm into your night routine. Scents stimulate the limbic system that is involved in our emotional responses.

Quality Time With Family

Last but certainly not least, every evening I try to spend time with my family. It includes family dinner, movie nights, and stretching with my daughters. Family bonding time helps maintain that sense of security that I have been working on all evening and guarantees a good night’s sleep.

There you have it, my nighttime routine as a therapist. Share below, what you do to unwind after work.

Remember, your routine should serve you, you should not serve your routine. Do whatever floats your boat!

~ Tren

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