My clients often ask me: what can I do to help myself feel better faster? When it comes down to mental health, there is no quick fix. Healing requires hard work, time, patience, and consistency. But I think, there are few changes we can make to feel at least a little better. Whether you are struggling with mental illness, or you are tired and overwhelmed and want to prevent any future issues, this post is for you! We should always remember that taking care of our bodies and our brain must be our main priority regardless of what is going on in our lives. Now, I completely understand, that some situations are extremely difficult, and it can become almost impossible to cater to even your basic needs. But I truly hope that you can start implementing at least some of these mental health habits, which will help you overcome hardships and hopefully start a new life.


1. Stop consuming or limit alcohol


It has been proven that there is no amount of alcohol that is safe. Alcohol can cause cancer and destroy our brain cells, it also negatively impacts mental health. The less we drink, the better.

If you choose alcohol to help you cope with your hardships, you better be aware that it is not going to help the main problem, and will only make things worse in the end.

Therapist’s tip: Try to come up with healthy coping strategies that don’t destroy your body and mind.


2. Focus on improving your sleep


This mental health habit can be challenging, especially if you are going through the difficult time in your life. I can totally see that. Consult your general practitioner if you are suffering from insomnia, there are options available for you.

Therapist’s tip: Disconnect from electronic devices at least one hour before bed. Dim the light. Try not to consume caffeine in the afternoon. Implement relaxation techniques such as meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, or/and yoga. Be mindful of any information you consume before bed. If you are curious, I am sharing my night routine here.

Night Routine


3. Incorporate movement


Out of all mental health habits, this one is my favorite. Moving our body is important not only for our physical, but emotional health. For some of us exercise is natural, for others – not so much. No matter where you stand, you can always choose the type of movement that is more suitable for you, even if it’s walking. Walking outside in nature can be especially helpful.

Therapist’s tip: if you are new to exercise, try to schedule it, set goals and reminders for yourself. Start small, for example, take a 5 minute walk after each hour of work (if you can). Remember, that exercise is a long-term time investment in your health, as well as commitment. 


4. Replace coffee with green tea


Green tea contains L-Theanine, amino-acid that promotes relaxation by reducing stress. It helps to balance the caffeine action in green tea, that is not so stimulating.

Therapist’s tip: if you absolutely have to have your coffee, which I completely understand, I recommend to save it for the morning and replace your afternoon cup with green tea. You will thank me later!


5. Drink more water


Hydration is key when it comes down to mental health and health in general. So many of us forget to drink enough water, especially if we consume coffee or sweet beverages throughout the day. Hydration is an easy way to almost instantly feel better.

Therapist’s tip: make sure you always have a beverage (preferably water) on your desk while working or doing any other activity. If you don’t like to drink plain water, you can add lemon or any other fruit to make it more enticing. Remember, that coffee and tea do not replace regular water.



Here are 5 mental health habits that will help you start feeling better fast. The longer you practice these habits, the better you will feel. At any given time, focus on basic self-care, and your body and mind should respond positively. If you start feeling better, don’t give up, keep going by implementing more healthy habits and routines that will ultimately lead you to happier life.

~ Tren

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