If you are a person of all things, chances are, you have a routine.  Why? Because creating routines are essential to a successful life.  Sometimes the routine works for you, but there are times you may not work your routine.  In a previous blog, I shared with you the benefits of a routine.  There were some great tips to get you started with your routines in Why Routines Are Important for Your Mental Health.  You can easily integrate some of the tips from that article into your daily routines.  But let’s be honest, being consistent with routines can be difficult.  I am a woman of many tasks as I shared with you in Resilience in Military Spouses and Resilience in Military Spouses..Part 2.

Even without those responsibilities, life happens and we lose focus, right?  Then we start back over again, and that’s perfectly fine.  I have yet to master a routine. The only routine I feel incredibly confident in completing… is taking care of my home (mommy and wife responsibilities) and getting to work on time and doing my job (I don’t play about my coins, plus I have worked too hard to get where I am… lol.)  Everything else is pretty much a work in progress.
As a working mom, I try to find a routine that works best for me. When Chief was home, it was much easier to create and implement my routines. He helped out with home stuff along with the girls’ activities.  But now since it’s a single woman show this way, I need to remain consistent with my routines for my wellbeing. Your morning routine should be about you. Your life is different from mine; you may or may not have more on your plate.  So you have to create your morning routine with YOU in mind. Now let’s take a look at what my morning routine consists of. *My morning routine varies slightly depending on my work schedule for the week.
Book, coffee and glasses on a bed

1. I ALWAYS wake up before the girls’.

I wake up the same time (sometimes a delay of 5 min, lol) every morning during the week (even if my work day starts late). To wake up earlier makes me feel more productive.  Morning routines give me the opportunity to focus more on my personal goals, organize and make plans for the day. Building this routine has been difficult because there are days when the alarm goes off, and I fight against negative self-talk, which decreases motivation. I am sure the challenges of my morning routine will become more natural; the more I remain consistent.  I feel more in charge and positive about the possibilities that are awaiting me, when I have a morning routine. To help me to stay focus, I do not get on social media or check my emails until I arrive at work (arrive a little early, this way I don’t lose track of time).  But, I check my text messages just in case Chief sends me a sweet morning message.

2. Christ and Coffee.

Before I get started with my day, Christ and coffee is my set morning routine with no exceptions.  Lately, I have been reading “The Power of A  Praying Woman.”  I am also using the First 5 App. First 5 App is perfect for busy and on the go people.  Each weekday, you will read a chapter of the Bible and a short teaching (this takes no longer than 10 minutes for me). Once I am complete with my Christ and coffee routine, I pause for a few minutes to acknowledge how I am feeling (Ha, most times it’s tired).  But we know that mindfulness is the act of observing our thoughts and feelings without judgment.  So I acknowledge where I am or thing that may be causing stress in my life. All of this prepares me for…

3. My morning workout.

To release endorphins, first thing in the morning is a life saver (for me).  Working out literally sets my tone for the day.  Incorporating exercise in my morning routines boost my energy and mood.  For my later start work days, my morning workouts are no longer than 25-30 minutes.  But the days where I have to be to work early, I typically use about 10 minutes to stretch.  I would prefer to workout more often, but I do what I can and save the rest for the next day. At the end of each workout, I practice mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness has become a routine for me.  I honestly struggled with finding a workout routine that worked for me, so I wanted to spend a few extra minutes just accepting everything I was thinking and feeling during each workout.

4. After my workout,

I typically organize a bit (a load of laundry, vacuum), then my day gets started.
Morning routines shouldn’t be cumbersome or require a lot of extra hours.  Morning routines should be enjoyable. Therefore, you are more likely to adjust your schedule to meet your personal needs. What is your morning routine? Do you need help creating a routine? What has been your biggest challenge with being consistent on your routine?  Let me know in the comments.  Or feel free to email me.
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